Individual Support for You + Your Family

We have hand-picked a world class team of coaches, consultants and professionals in their fields to provide one-to-one, personal support to you and your family should you need it. You can read more about each of our team members below to find out how they can help you and your children on your learning journeys…

Jenn Sutherland-Miller (Education & Worldschooling)

Jenn Sutherland-Miller has over 20 years of experience supporting families in developing world class educations for their children outside the four walls of a classroom.

In addition to successfully homeschooling her own four children, from birth to university entrance while traveling the world, full time, for over a decade, Jenn has a degree in education and has worked with hundreds of families as a consultant and educational coach.

She has delivered Headstart Bootcamps in four countries and speaks widely on educational reform and integration.

Lea Jovy (Integrating Homeschooling Into A Life That Works For You)

Lea JovyLea Jovy is a pioneer of the location independent, digital nomad and work from anywhere movement. She has worked solely online since 2006 and has run her own business from all over the world. She has crafted a lifestyle of freedom that combines earning her own income, homeschooling her children and being part of a same-sex blended family with 2 bonus children.

She has helped thousands of other families become location independent and create the lifestyles they want which often includes home- or world-schooling.

Particularly adept at working with women who struggle to find the balance and time for themselves, Lea excels at helping parents – especially mothers – carve out projects and ventures for themselves, to become the role models they want for their children, leveraging online strategies, models and tools to integrate work,  life and homeschooling into a life they want.

Jenni Mahnaz (Self-Directed Learning & Unschooling)

Jenni MahnazJenni Mahnaz has over a decade of experience in self-directed education. Having helped many young people design their own educational experiences in various settings, Jenni eventually ventured into consultations for families looking for a unique and intrinsically motivated educational experience for their young people.  

In addition to a wealth of experience in the self-directed world, Jenni has also worked in various conventional schooling models and has a unique ability to explore and integrate practices and systems most people are familiar with into a whole new way of pursuing education.

Carone Beaucage (Waldorf Steiner)

Carone is a parent, former camp director, and Waldorf teacher. She received her Waldorf Teaching certificate from the Steiner Centre in Toronto in 2003. She has also worked with children and families in other settings, such as agency work supporting children with special needs. Carone values non-traditional learning experiences, such as world schooling, home schooling, and good old-fashioned work!

Her extensive travels have given her an interest in international perspectives on childhood, which she is now studying. She lives in a noisy, multi-generational household on Wolfe Island with her musical family. Carone loves spending time in the outdoors, especially dogsledding — but don’t mention it, ‘cause she’ll talk your ear off about it!

Pete Bowers (Language Acquisition)

Peter BowersPete Bowers, Ph.D., is a teacher, researcher, author, and founder of WordWorks Literacy Centre. Pete taught Grades 3-6 for 10 years before earning his Ph.D. from the Faculty of Education at Queen’s University.

Dr. Bowers has been invited to present workshops by countless dyslexia organizations including the Dyslexia Training Institute in San Diego and schools specializing in working with dyslexic students like the Athena Academy in Palo Alto and Eagle Hill School in Massachusetts (See article “Innovative approaches to teaching reading” on page 6 of their school magazine).

His research and practical work with schools and educational groups has been pivotal in transforming how teachers, tutors and students around the world understand English spelling. Instead of putting up with a frustrating system full of exceptions, the structured word inquiry (SWI) community understands that investigating the spelling-meaning connections in words is not only rich literacy instruction — it is a rich context for leveraging learning about any subject.

His teacher resource book, Teaching How the Written Word Works expands on the lessons of his vocabulary intervention (Bowers & Kirby, 2010) which found generative vocabulary learning for the experimental group, and introduced the term “structured word inquiry.” His workshops have taken him to Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, the Middle East, and North America.