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Please note: All times on the schedule are PDT or EDT, as stated; the classes are 5 hours after EDT for those in the UK.


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

9am PDT / 12pm EDT: 

Conversational Spanish (10+ years) ***FULL***

10.30am PDT / 1.30pm EST:

Conversational Spanish 2 (10+ years) 


11am PDT / 2pm EDT:

Art (5-9 years) 



10am PDT / 1pm EDT:

Rhythm & Groove Music (7+ years)

11am PDT / 2pm EDT:

Rhythm & Groove Music (5-7 years)

11am PDT / 2pm EDT:

Art (10+ years)

1pm PDT / 4pm EDT:

Rhythm & Groove Music (Teens)

5pm PDT / 8pm EDT:

Nutrition (Parent’s Class)

10am PDT / 1pm EST::

Nutrition (Kids’ Class)




Course List


  • Art: A 12-week art course for 5-9 and 10+ year olds, lead by Hannah Miller.
  • Conversational Spanish: A 12-week course for 10+ year olds.
  • Music (Rhythm & Groove): A 12-week course for 5-7, 7+ year olds and teens, lead by Teilhard Frost.
  • Nutrition: A 12-week course for parents and children, lead by Karrie Heneman.




Meet The Teachers

Art – with Hannah Miller

Raised as a worldschooler, Hannah Miller is a jack-of-all-trades creative leader.

Her art has been featured in the Wolfe Island Gallery and online magazine, and her eye for color and design fit into her other work as a web designer. While her favorite pieces usually focus on people and shared human experience, you’ll also find her playing with various kinds of mixed media. Right now she’s diving into the world of digital art. 

Over the course of 12 weeks, we will dive into a series of creative art adventures together, exploring techniques ranging from watercolour to collage and beyond. Our aim is to find joy and creativity in the world of art, trying out a new technique or project each week – something for everyone!

At the end of 12 weeks, students should have a good basic grasp on a range of techniques and will have developed their own personal art style while building confidence in their creative abilities. 

With every class, it’s best to read the course description for the week and come inspired! I recommend Pinterest for finding cool art ideas to work with – or simply brainstorm what you’d like to draw in advance.

Music – with Teilhard Frost

A multi-instrumentalist, instrument maker, and music educator, Teilhard Frost specializes in traditional Appalachian folk music. He was raised on Manitoulin Island in Northern Ontario, spending time with the elder fiddlers in the area.

At the age of three he was given a jaw harp and harmonica by his father, his mother gave him a fiddle, and a record of Kentucky fiddle tunes. He has continued to play them all ever since.

Teilhard is a founding member of acclaimed act Sheesham, Lotus and ‘Son, who perform their highly entertaining show throughout Europe and North America. Together they have released 7 albums and have performed thousands of shows. Through excellent musicianship, stage
antics, costume and lighting, Sheesham, Lotus and ‘Son have indelibly changed the way people think of old time folk music.

In his youth, Teilhard danced ballet under the tutelage of Tini Pell, cultivating a deep love of movement, both physically and musically.

However, discouraged from following his interest in flatfoot clogging, he pursued, undercover, the dark art of folk dance. He has played for square, contra and folk dances for most of his life, touring the the world over for more than two decades, playing, calling and organizing events, bringing communities together through shared
movement and music.

Teilhard’s latest solo recording, As the Crow Flies, is a collection of traditional music found in the Appalachian highlands. The songs have strong ties to the British Isles while the fiddle tunes draw on ancient Scandinavian and northern Scottish modal settings and tunings,
conjuring a feeling of mystery and drama.

He lives on Wolfe Island in the St. Lawrence River where he makes banjos, teaches old time music and enjoys family life with his partner and their two daughters.

Nutrition – with Karrie Heneman

Karrie HenemanKarrie Heneman received an MA in Human Biology at Stanford in 1999 and a PhD in nutrition at UC Davis in 2004. Her doctoral work studied ways to increase fruit and vegetable consumption among low income women. 

From 2004-2007, Karrie worked as a post-doctoral scholar at UC Davis for the Food Stamps Education Program. She implemented nutrition and garden programs at elementary schools and studied how they increased fruit and vegetable consumption among the students and families. 

Karrie became research faculty at UC Davis in 2008 and taught and continued to conduct research until she became pregnant with her second child, John. She is currently a stay at home mom of four, who uses her nutrition training on a daily basis. In addition, she delivers nutrition lectures and privately counsels clients in the East Bay.

Spanish – with Dani Kehm

Dani KehmDani has a B.A. in Spanish and Education (K-12) and a M.A. in Cross-Cultural and International Education.  She has over 25 years of teaching experience including Spanish, English, Bilingual Education, and ESL taught in the United States, Mexico and Spain, from ages K-adult.  She served as an education volunteer with the Peace Corps in Paraguay for 3 years and worked as a Developmental Therapist for 5 years, before moving to Guatemala, where she lived for 8 years.

While in San Marcos La Laguna, a rural indigenous community, she worked at an International Waldorf School, taught group and private Spanish and English classes, and founded and taught an International HomeSchool program and an organic sunblock company.  In her teaching, she combines elements of conversation practice and culture to create a dynamic and integrated learning experience. 

Besides learning other languages and cultures, Dani is passionate about helping animals, organic farming, playing soccer, running, traveling, learning anything new, playing with her dog, and volunteering. 

Her classes are fun, wide-ranging, and incorporate elements of movement and culture to inspire and cultivate a passion for the Spanish language and Hispanic culture. They’re engaging, challenging and fun!