About Us

Who we are and why we do this…

Why Headstart Homeschooling?

The current realities faced by families during the COVID-19 pandemic – of being forced to homeschool, while also working from home, in the midst of such long term uncertainty – is a unique and stressful situation.

Parents who have never before even considered homeschooling are now faced with taking on the monumental task of educating their children at home for an indefinite amount of time. It’s overwhelming, anxiety-inducing and we have heard the same fears being expressed by parents everywhere:

  • “What will we actually do with our kids for the months they’re off school?”
  • “How on earth can I ‘teach’ my kids? – I’m not a teacher, I have no teaching qualifications, wtf?!”
  • “What if they fall behind? What if they then can’t pass their exams because they’re so far behind?”
  • “How on earth am I going to stay patient & not lose my rag with them every few minutes if we’re stuck inside all the time?”
  •  “They don’t ever listen to me. How on earth are they going to learn anything if they’re at home with me for 5+ months?”

This is your fear and panic talking. You’ve got this. Your kids have got this. We’ve got this. And we are here to help you all the way through until you’ve got this for yourself and your kids (or the kids go back to school!).

We were losing our way in our home schooling and Jenn was an amazing resource; not only in areas of learning, but also in family life, travel and thinking globally.

She has ideas for all ages, abilities, learning styles, and personalities and takes your budget into account-having worldschooled four children (two who have reached adulthood) she has a wealth of experience and there is no sugarcoating. I loved our Skype calls, as she was great at getting things into perspective and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her.”

Melanie Murrish

 Who Are We?

We have been friends for over a decade. We met while we were both travelling the globe and have worked together in various ways online, to help further the location independent and work anywhere movement.

We are both passionate about alternative forms of education – primarily because we believe that the current education systems just don’t prepare our children well enough for the world they’ll be living in – and we have over 3 decades of homeschooling experience between us.

While we both consciously and actively chose to home school our children, we know how hard the reality can be – especially if you’re also trying to work at the same time. Here’s a little more about each of us…

Lea Jovy has been at the forefront of the location independent/digital nomad movement since 2006 and has home educated her two children from the beginning. She’s still on the frontline of homeschooling a 6- and 10-year old…without ANY formal teaching qualifications or experience at all! 

Lea is a strategist by nature, and with extensive coaching and mentoring skills focuses on helping people find their own way of doing the things that work best for them. 

Lea Jovy

Co-Founder, UK

Jenn Sutherland-Miller has over 20 years of experience supporting families in developing world class educations for their children outside the four walls of a classroom.

In addition to successfully homeschooling her own four children, from birth to university entrance while traveling the world, full time, for over a decade, Jenn has a degree in education and has worked with hundreds of families as a consultant and educational coach.

Jennifer Sutherland Miller

Co-Founder, Canada