Headstart Homeschooling

Learning Happens EVERYWHERE. We provide practical & holistic resources and support for your family’s homeschooling journey during the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond..

We hear you. These are really difficult times. Schools are closed or your children are returning in less than ideal circumstances. Children are at home. Suddenly, you’re expected to help educate your children using plans from school (or not!), with no teacher training, no equipment and everybody under one roof, working and learning together.

You may be going crazy, trying to figure out…

  • How do I create an actual ‘curriculum’ from the overwhelming list of activities everyone’s posting on my Facebook feed?
  • The kids hate the stuff school’s providing. How do I “make” them learn?
  • Will any of this help my kids pass their exams? What if they get behind?
  • How am I going to cope if this continues for months and months and the schools don’t re-open soon?

Here’s our very first piece of advice, that we urge you to remember whenever panic takes hold:

You’ve got this. Your kids have got this. Breathe. 

How do we know this?

Because we believe your kids know exactly how to learn on their own and if we know anything, we know this:

Learning happens EVERYWHERE.

YOU were your children’s first teachers – they learned to walk, talk and eat solids with you. They’ve been learning with you from the day they were born. They haven’t stopped learning since then and they’re not going to stop learning now (even though schools may remain closed for a while).

Here’s our second piece of advice, that we urge you to consider whenever panic takes hold:

You don’t need to ‘teach’ them anything. Empower them to LEARN.

What does this actually mean? How do you ’empower them to learn’? That’s what we’re here to help you with…

As I first turned to homeschooling my 9 and 10 year olds four years ago, I had the good fortune to have Jenn in my life. In fact it was the influence of Jenn’s coaching that helped me to take that first step into the unknown.

Jenn helped me to make informed decisions about what was best for our family, by discussing longer terms plans and goals, and the respective character of each child. She was never prescriptive, always using gentle tools and her expertise and experience to help us discover the best way forward for us. She encouraged hard work from me too – writing out status updates regularly, which forced me to stand back and reflect on the directions we were taking, and to always search for and implement improvements where I could.

During the inevitable moments of self-doubt, she was always encouraging, while given specific tips and advice – from curriculum to online resources in several languages. These two are now thriving teenagers, and our third, has also just completed nearly 3 years of homeschooling.

Tanya Murphy

Who We Are

We are Lea Jovy (UK) and Jennifer Miller (Canada). We met, online, over a decade ago. Between us, we have been homeschooling our children for over three decadesJenn has 4 kidults, Lea has two children (6 and 10) so we have plenty of experience of parenting and homeschooling between us. 

We’ve also both worked online throughout this time so we’re used to balancing work, kids, homeschooling and running a household too. Add in global and nomadic travel to the mix and you get an idea of the depth and breadth of our experience!

How We Can Help

Right now, we can help you figure out what to do with your kids every day for the next day, week and month. We have educational resources and support that suit all kinds of approaches – those who need highly structured plans, those who prefer a looser, more flexible approach, and everything in between. We can help you if…

  • You’d like to use this time to do more fun stuff with your children than their school is providing, but still want to know they’re learning and doing something educational.
  • You definitely DON’T WANT to continue homeschooling when schools re-open but still want to have more input into your children’s learning experience when they’re at home in a fun, valuable way.
  • You’re really enjoying the homeschooling journey and are considering continuing to homeschool even when schools re-open.
  • You already homeschool/home educate but would like to join an online (global) community, especially while you’re stuck at home.

We know that one of the KEY challenges parents face when kids are learning at home is letting go of the need to control and  and trusting that whatever your children are doing, they’re STILL learning – we can help you be more conscious in what they learn when they’re at home with you.

We can support you to empower your children to learn ALL the skills they’ll need to thrive, whether schools are open or not.